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One more handling critiques post and then I’m done talking about it.

I wanted to talk about this before going to sleep so I’ll try to keep this post as short as possible.

One thing I want to make clear right off the bat. Receiving critiques is not a bad thing. Not at all. It’s actually a great way to see from other’s perspective and see the mistakes you might have missed by accident or just don’t see by lack of experience in anatomy/shading/etc etc … 

I disliked my pony anatomy and overall appearance for several months. A lot of you guys know that from previous statements I made. The colors were flat, the line work was lifeless and the finished work just didn’t have any passion towards it like it used to. That’s when I knew I had to start trying new things again. There’s always a time in an artist life where they just *know* it’s time to try something fresh rather than going to the same old techniques. Usually when I go through this ritual I do things on my own. I develop a new style of anatomy, coloring, shading, etc. Any thing to kick start my inspiration again.

This time I asked the help of my friends here on tumblr. I knew this wasn’t just another preference change, this was something I wanted to improve in dramatically. I just didn’t know where to start. So I opened myself up to critiques. Not to my surprise, a lot of you explained to me in detail my anatomy flaws and how to correct them. A lot of you also gave me very informative tutorials on how to get the legs and body right. These things helped tremendously and I thank you all for it.

After a while of opening up to critiques I felt I was ready to take the next step and try these new found skills and began building it on my own. I made a post explaining that I wanted critiques to be ceased so I could work towards making my own unique style before handing it off to you all again. This is something I think all artists need. They need space and time to grow. If you continuously badger them about mistakes and flaws they aren’t fixing fast enough, you’ll end up making them stand still.

This did happen to me on numerous occasions.  I don’t fault the users who wanted to help me improve, but it was hindering my ability to move forward in a more positive light. I wouldn’t be surprised if I seemed pretty unreasonable about things from time to time due to stress and feeling torn down. I’ve probably shed a bad light on myself by my actions most likely. But any ways, I know these people wanted nothing more but to give me advice on where to improve. Granted sometimes people’s critiques contradicted with each other and that’s the thing.

Not accepting all the critiques you receive is not a bad thing. It does not mean you think you’re better than the people giving you them. It does not mean you’re unable to take critiques at all. It does not make you a snob artist.

It just means you’re weighing your skills with the advice given to you. There’s no harm in declining said critique. As long as you’re mature and respectful about it, then I don’t see a problem with it.

One thing that has been weighting heavily on my mind is how my friends are responding to said critiques. A lot of you do feel worried about my well-being as of recently and I thank you all for that. But I would like to tell you all that I’m okay. You don’t have to defend me on something like this.

When I read things like “Poor Rai.” “People are hating on Rai because of her art.” “She doesn’t deserve this.” it just makes me cringe so hard inside. Giving critiques it not hate, jealousy, or trolling. It’s a person giving advice to another person in order to help them improve. Seeing this sort of stuff being said on my posts or on confessions just makes me want to hide under my bed and have a panic attack. I do not want it to look like I’m “playing the victim” or being a cry baby because someone is “hating on my art.”

I guess I just don’t want to be labelled as one of those artists who can’t handle being called out on their flaws or something. I know I’ve been pretty respectful of other’s opinions and have tried new things… but sometimes it may look different to others I suppose.

I know you all mean well with your support and love, but please let me fight my own battles. All I ask of you is to quietly support me in whatever I do in the future. Please do not start fights with others who may have different opinions on my art work. Please don’t pity me for my situation or say I don’t deserve critique. All artists do whether they’re a novice or a professional.

Any ways, I just really wanted to get this off my chest. This is the last time I’ll be personally posting any thing about critiques since I know you all must be sick and tired of me bringing it up over and over again. Thanks for reading.

February 14, 2013 with 34 notes