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hey friends, finals are coming up so I hope every thing turns out well for you all and always believe in yourself. Don’t stress about it too much, and remember to get some winks of sleep when you can. Also remember to eat and drink some water to keep your mind fresh. You are all awesome. (✿◠‿◠)

May 2, 2013 with 77 notes
  1. rad-man said: I’m not even taking finals and this made me feel better. Hahaha
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  6. fristjra said: Hah, mine are all over nyeh!
  7. supergilfer said: I thought this was going to be one of those, “Finals are coming up, I’ll be busy” posts, but no, it was different and cute and made me happy and it’s why you’re best person ever. (●ω●✿)
  8. ask-frigiddrift said: Just finished all my exams today!
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  10. cutella17 said: Can I just like, give you five hugs at bronycon? You’re like the BRIGHTEST RAY OF SUNSHINE ON THIS GOSH DARNED SIGHT. BLESS
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    I started the semester last month and will have my first test next week… It’s not a final but still I’m worried, I hope...
  14. that1geek said: <3 u Rai
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